Aquintos MKC 100 TOP Line water softener

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Capacity at 10 ° dH = 10000 liters
Capacity at 15 ° dH = 7500 liters
Capacity at 20 ° dH = 5000 liters


Shipping weight: 37 kg

Ideal for a 5-7 person household

The delivery includes all waste water and overflow hoses ,
as well as Connection pieces for your domestic waterworks.
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Our MKC decalcification system was developed in a very compact design for private households, single-family houses and the catering industry.

Due to the remarkable cabinet design and the noise reducer, the cabinet softener can also be installed in the sales room or other locations without it being really noticeable.

The current work step can be read on the LED display of the central control valve Clack WS1 CI of the water softener. Filling up with salt is made easier by an additional lid.

Your water consumption for the last 61 days is determined by the adaptive central control valve of the water softener. The central
control valve of the water softener needs this value once at 2 a.m. to calculate the remaining capacity for the next regeneration.

Example: You use 500 liters a day.
The central control valve of the WS1 CI water softener determines the remaining volume and determines that 350 liters remain for the next regeneration. The regeneration takes place
on the same night so that soft, less calcareous water is available to you at all times in the daily routine.




Already included in the scope of delivery

  • 2 x 1 "BSPT fittings
  • Sewage and overflow hose length 2000 mm
  • Installation and operating instructions

Scope of delivery connection sets

Connection set I

2x 1 inch DVGW-tested flexible hose (ÜM1xÜM1 L100cm)
4x 1 inch flat seal
1x double hardness measuring set for determining the water hardness

Connection set II

2x 1 inch DVGW-tested flexible hose with 90 ° bend on one side (ÜMB1xÜM1 L100cm)
4x 1 inch flat seal
1x double hardness measuring set to determine the water hardness

Connection set III

1x 1 inch mounting block incl. Bypass and blending device *

2x  inch DVGW-tested flexible hose (ÜM1xÜM1 L100cm)
4x 1 inch flat seal
1x double hardness measuring set for determining the water hardness

Connection set IV

1x 1 inch mounting block incl. Bypass and blending
device * 2x 1 inch DVGW-tested flexible hose with 90 ° bend on one side (ÜMB1xÜM1 L100cm)
4x 1 inch flat seal
1x double hardness measuring set to determine the water hardness

* The mounting block can be used universally in its flow direction.



The advantages

  • Protects against calcareous infarction
  • Saves energy
  • Soft water comfort tailored to your needs
  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Automatic regeneration
  • Forced regeneration
  • Water softener in a cabinet housing



Structure of the MKC decalcifying system

The decalcification system consists of the GRP pressure bottle in the cabinet, filled with high-quality regeneration material (ion exchange resin),

the associated central control valve Clack WS1 CI, and the suction device (float switch).

The area surrounding the cabinet softening system is used as a salt store, in which the brine is formed, which is required for the regeneration (backwashing) of the decalcifying system.



Technical specifications




Regeneration of the MKC water softener

The regeneration time preset by us in the central control valve WS1 CI on the water softener is triggered by a quantity control and is preset to 2 a.m. so that soft,

less chalky water is available to you at all times during the daily routine. The regeneration should take place at a time when you have almost no water consumption. Because normal raw water (city water) is available to you during regeneration.

In the case of volume-controlled decalcification systems, the Clack central control valve WS1 CI has an integrated water meter, which determines the consumption and accordingly initiates regeneration.

After reaching the specified capacity of the soft water system, which was determined by the water hardness determined on site and by your own water consumption. During
the regeneration of the water softener on the basis of the ion exchange process, sodium chloride (a very highly concentrated saline solution) is passed over the resin bed,
which disinfects the filter material and then rinses it out residue-free.

After regeneration, there is no need to fear any changes in taste in the water. The water softener regenerates according to the downflow process, which causes a
better distribution of the brine in the filter and is also the most economical in terms of water consumption. When regenerating the water softening system, such a highly concentrated
saline solution is used that germ formation is impossible.

Function and process of regeneration of our MKC decalcification system

  • Regeneration cycle 1 backwash
  • Regeneration cycle 2 suck in brine and rinse slowly
  • Regeneration cycle 3 rapid rinse
  • Regeneration cycle 4 fill the brine tank

Forced regeneration of the MKC decalcifying system

The preset forced regeneration of 7 days for a water softener is necessary if you are on vacation for a week, for example. The water softener
regenerates on the 7th day to prevent germ formation.

The central control valves of the brand Clack WS1 CI used by us are very widespread. The mature and longstanding experience of the manufacturer / sub-supplier
suggests a long service life for our water softening systems.

The softening resin (regeneration material) is approved for drinking water and food. Approval Number: US RDA 21CFR 173.25



Accessories from connection

Sets 1 inch mounting block

Mounting block with blending device and sampling valve

Suitable connection for your domestic water system with bypass function, e.g. for:

- Water softening systems
- Nitrate filter systems - Greensand filter systems / manganese filter systems
- Iron filter systems - Full desalination cartridges and partial desalination cartridges


Range of
potable water softening PN 10 for industry, commerce and households.

Water temperature max. 90 ° C. Max pressure: 10 bar


The bypass line is used as a combined connection fitting for water softening systems with an integrated intersection. It has 2 valves with which the inflow and outflow of
the softener can be shut off so that it can be removed for service work or the like.
The supply of non-softened water can take place through the bypass valve during this time. The
bypass section is equipped with an extraction valveso that samples can be taken for water hardness determination.

  • Sampling tap can optionally be installed in the direction of flow.
  • Simple installation in the direction of flow, correspondingly high operational reliability.
  • Bypass option
  • Built-in sampling cock.
  • Optional raw water metering.
  • The water softener inlet / outlet can be shut off.
  • Shorter installation time in relation to the water softener.

Our names

Aquintos water softening system Softening system Decalcifying system Water decalcifying system Soft water system Cabinet softening system Individual softening system


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